Getting Care

Visitor Guidelines

Incoming Personnel

Because the clinic is designed and equipped to primarily treat general medical conditions, anyone requiring referral or ongoing care from cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, orthopedic, ophthalmology, or psychiatric specialties will not be considered suitable for this isolated duty station. If you have an ongoing medical or dental condition, you must obtain special clearance through the Overseas Screening Process before you transfer.

Personnel transferring to Diego Garcia should attend to any medical or dental problems which require surgical treatment prior to departing their last duty station. Since the supply chain for the island can be lengthy, incoming personnel are also advised to bring a three month supply of any prescription medication they require on a routine basis.

Personnel are strongly encouraged to resolve any TRICARE issues prior to departure from previous duty. The following web sites may be used as references: and for the TRICARE Dental Program use:

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