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DG Survival Checklist

Bring with you to Diego Garcia:

 Complete Sea Bag

Suggested items to bring with you to Diego Garcia:

 An inexpensive bicycle - make sure it has working lights on the front/back and helmet (you can also purchase these items at the Ship’s Store)
 A black umbrella - (a MUST during the rainy season)
 Snorkel gear - mask, fins, gloves, booties
 Booties or water shoes (need for kayak, windsurfing and boat rentals, no sandals)
 Plenty of your favorite sunscreen lotion (Can also purchase in the Ship’s Store)
 At least one formal dress suit or gown
 NO TV/VCR/DVD, as these items are provided in your room
 Kitchen items - a few coffee cups, glasses, dishes, and pots and pans
 Bread maker - if you like that
 Coffee maker/cappuccino maker (if you like that)
 Coffee beans (and grinder)
 Professional books/papers and fun reading stuff
 Spices for cooking your favorite food dishes
 Personal computer/laptop
 Swimwear
 Military sweater/jacket for work
 Decorations for your room/office; perhaps a small radio
 Small stereo system/DVD player/answering machine/phone
 Walkman or I-POD to listen to while exercising
 Bathing suits (if you are an athlete, bring a few of them at least – you will probably get into the traditions here or other events
 Any sporting gear (golf, soccer, tennis, softball, racquetball, etc)
 Camera (under water capabilities is recommended)  Stationary or cards (the selection at the ship’s store is quite dismal
 Cloths – just count on that you can’t buy it here. Bring smart casual for the hail/farewells. Wear casual includes: beach attire such as shorts, t-shirt and sandals
 At least one pair of decent sunglasses (recommend polarized)
 A blanket or two for your room (the air-conditioning gets cold)
 Small vacuum cleaner (like a dirt devil or something)
 Any workout supplements or even vitamins/minerals
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