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Welcome Aboard Package

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Welcome to the Branch Health Clinic, Diego Garcia. You have been selected to join one of the Navy’s finest Branch Medical Clinics anywhere in the world. We are a tenant command aboard the U.S. Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia and our parent command is the U.S. Naval Hospital, Yokosuka, Japan. We are designed and staffed to provide routine and urgent care to residents of this very isolated island located in the Indian Ocean.

Our services include:

 Family Practice/Military Medicine
 Basic Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, and Physical Therapy
 Routine Military Immunizations
 Overseas / Sea Duty Screenings
 Military and Civilian Physical Exams (Annual, Flight, Occupational, etc.)
 Emergency Medical Response (Ambulance Service)
 Routine and emergency dental treatment including limited dental laboratory services

If you are looking for a professional challenge, a close-knit team, unbelievable recreational facilities, and exquisite natural beauty, then you are coming to the perfect place. Diego Garcia is continuously experiencing growth and change. Living and working conditions are outstanding and recreational opportunities are numerous.

You have been assigned a sponsor who will be contacting you soon and will be able to provide you specific answers to questions you may have concerning your arrival and subsequent tour on “The Footprint of Freedom.” Your sponsor will also provide specifics on travel to Diego Garcia; transferring from civilian to military flights in Singapore can be tricky. I wish you a safe and pleasant journey to the Footprint of Freedom. The staff of BHC Diego Garcia is looking forward to having you as part of the team.

Richard C. Stacey
Officer in Charge,
Branch Health Clinic, Diego Garcia,
British Indian Ocean Territory
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